Sophie Charlotte Andresen, born 1991, grew up with the digital revolution. Having her first experience with computers at the age of 6, she has been interconnected with internet ever since. Heavily influenced by William Gibson, Hiroki Endo’s Eden Series, Warren Ellis and H.R. Giger, she was interested in constructing and shaping dystopian futures since her early school days. After more than eight semesters studying law, political science and social anthropology at the University of Zurich she moved to Berlin in 2013 to study Visual Communication and focus entirely on Art & Design.

With an army of 48,000 followers and growing, Sophie Charlotte Andresen has five years experience collaborating with up-and-coming artists to create an online science fiction world for creatives and sci-fi aficionados. Today she works as visualist in the film industry (Ghost in the Shell), commercial clients such as Mercedes and Lexus, as well as freelance creative consultant for think-tanks such as the GDI Switzerland and the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB CFF FFS).